The dark side of the iPhone 5S lines

apple2 What drives you to get franticly eager to get the new technological gadget? What are your reasons to expose yourself  on the streets to be the first one to get the new Apple product? I think this goes beyond the Foucaultian principles of power and discursive rhetoric. Consumerism is now something that appears to be uncontrollable with individuals especially in the United States and all technologically developed countries. Let’s do a simple exercise: if you have an iPhone/Apple-products fan as a friend, ask him/her about the reasons why he/she decided to buy the latest version of the Apple company, even when the previous version is still competitive in the market and useful for all the basic needs a phone can have. The question here is WHY?, and apparently nobody is able to answer it concisely.


La dama de cabello largo

Algunas veces en la vida terminamos solos y extrañando a todas aquellas perrsonas que forjaron todo lo que hoy somos y tenemos. Memorias que vienen y van, cambiando constantemente y trayendo historias que hacen palpitar a nuestro corazón tan fuerte como la emoción primera. La imaginación de hacer la rutina diaria para devolvernos aquellas memorias es un oximoron aceptable en algunas de aquellas vidas que han permanecido estables en la línea del tiempo, inamovibles, quietos, relajados, justo como la dama de cabello largo en el siguiente video: Sigue leyendo