The Reward


Friends are forever, true friends. When you find one, despite the quirks and mistakes, nothing can defeat the power of friendship. Sometimes it takes long to see your friend back again, but when it happens, is like really nothing happened. Just like that. When you find support in your friend, you feel complete, secure, protected, empowered, because that’s the very nature of friendship: to find a brother, a sister, a soul-mate to share things with. The reward is friendship and power, the power of being invincible, together.



Floating in my mind

Floating_in_My_Mind-4Life is so unpredictable and mysterious, and I think that’s what makes it beautiful. When we are very young, we only have happiness and the good memories of our parents taking care of us: we are innocent. Some time after that we grow up and start experiencing life by our own, therefore we acquire more memories and more ideas, more and more learning. Some time later we grow old, gathering all those dusty reflections of our life, accumulating feelings, memories and traditions that have made us how we are now. But then, there comes the process of letting go and pass them to the next people who will be there after us. It is painful, it is hard, but we must do it, to be in peace, to be able to go, to be able to sleep, with him… forever.


La dama de cabello largo

Algunas veces en la vida terminamos solos y extrañando a todas aquellas perrsonas que forjaron todo lo que hoy somos y tenemos. Memorias que vienen y van, cambiando constantemente y trayendo historias que hacen palpitar a nuestro corazón tan fuerte como la emoción primera. La imaginación de hacer la rutina diaria para devolvernos aquellas memorias es un oximoron aceptable en algunas de aquellas vidas que han permanecido estables en la línea del tiempo, inamovibles, quietos, relajados, justo como la dama de cabello largo en el siguiente video: Sigue leyendo