Incredible underwater swimming techniques

young-woman-swimming-underwaterThese guys are just incredible, they are able to hold their breathe for long periods of time and swim while doing it. This may sound easy, everybody has hold their breathe and goof around underwater, but for how long? 20 seconds? 30? 40? Well, now watch these videos and try to swim 50m or even 75m without breathing. This is a real talent, as their lungs must have an extra-ordinary capacity for accumulating oxygen and also their impressive metabolism capable to be decreased in such ways that they don’t require that much energy and therefore, they don’t burn the oxygen they store in their lungs. These people are better known as «Human Dolphins» and my God they deserve that nickname. OMG!

1. First the one doing 50m (look at line 2)

2. And this guy who did 75m


Link1. Link2.

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