8 Things you should never carry in your wallet

stock-photo-robber-takes-money-from-stolen-wallet-isolated-on-white-background-58913623There are certain things that one carries in the wallet as a normal part of the day. But here is a list of 8 things you shouldn’t bring with you in your wallet as they represent a serious threat to your economical, moral and possibly physical integrity. Is some cases, some documents differ from country to country, but I guess you are pretty smart to identify the similar document in case you don’t have it in your nation. Anyway, here you have it,

???????????????????????????????1. Social Security Card
Anything that has your Social Security number on it is extremely dangerous to lose. According to identity theft experts, your Social Security card is the absolute worst item to lose. If you happen to be a retiree you should take out your Medicare card as well (your SSN is on this as well). Be sure to check all the items in your wallet and keep your SSN to yourself.

Blank_Check_Example2. Checks
Blank checks are a huge risk. Thieves can easily empty your checking account with a single piece of paper. Even if you’ve already filled out a check you are still at financial risk. Because your check contains routing and account numbers, almost anyone could transfer funds from your account. Only carry paper checks when they are absolutely necessary and leave the rest at home.

passports_UK3. Passport
Your passport literally opens a world of possibilities for a thief. With a government-issued photo ID anyone can travel in your name, open bank accounts, or even get a copy of your social security card. Instead of carrying your passport try to only bring a driver’s license or another form of personal ID while in the U.S.

Screen-shot-2011-05-01-at-9.06.44-AM4. Password Cheat Sheet
With so many different sites and accounts to access, we understand it can be difficult to keep track of passwords these days. However, carrying a list of them can lead to horrible consequences if misplaced. If you must write down your passwords we suggest you keep the list safe in a locked box at home or consider an encrypted mobile app in order to protect your identity.

Spare-keys5. Spare Keys
A lost wallet containing a spare key and a home address is basically an invitation for a burglar. Carrying a spare key in your wallet puts not only your assets but also your family at risk. At the very least you’ll have to pay for a locksmith to change your locks.

receipts-pile-md6. Receipts
Fortunately businesses are no longer allowed to print any information containing your credit or debit card’s expiration date or more than the last five digits of your credit card number. However, a clever thief can still use limited info and merchant material to phish for your remaining numbers. Try to shred and clear old receipts from your wallet at least a few times a week and keep your identity safe.

Birth_Certificate17. Birth Certificate
Although a birth certificate itself won’t get identity thieves very far, “birth certificates could be used in correlation with other types of fraudulent IDs,” Junker says. Be especially cautious on occasions when you are carrying all of your important documents at once because someone can come along and steal them all.

payworks_multiple_cards8. Multiple Cards
Carrying a single card is much safer than several. More plastic runs a greater risk and leaves you with more cards to cancel if your wallet is stolen. Carrying a single card is much safer and can be very helpful in the event of an unplanned emergency. It is also a good idea to know your cards’ cancellation numbers or have them written down in case you need to cancel your credit cards.

We hope you gained some valuable knowledge from this list. When it comes to your identity and assets there’s no such thing as being too cautious. Losing your wallet or purse can be an inconvenience but taking these steps can stop it from being a disaster.