Racing drivers bringing their wives for a ride

video_cap_ricardo_450opProfessional racing driving is a very risky sport where pilots expose their lives to its dangers. It requires the driver’s most sharp reflexes and extremely accuracy in braking, cornering, overtaking and accelerating. Therefore, the experiences a racing driver lives nearly touch the limits of human capabilities and is not surprising how impressive those manoeuvres can be for non-professional drivers. In this set of 4 videos, we show how experienced drivers ask their wives to come along for a lap in a racing track on board of a racing car. The results are hilarious and the adrenaline and excitement are at its maximum.

1. An internet classic, Ricardo Patrese bring his wife Suzie to co-pilot on a Honda Civic Type-R:

2. Joao Barbosa takes wife for the 1st time in a ride around Daytona International Speedway in a 2 seater Grand Am Daytona Prototype:

3. A beautiful lady’s reaction to a 1300bhp Corvette C6 Z06 (I love her scared smile)

Link1. Link2. Link3.

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