Gareth Bale goals 2012-2013

bale.afpGareth Bale is one of the best and most effective players of football in the world. He has developed his better skill for Tottenham F.C. and now is one of the most wanted players for all those big football teams, specially Real Madrid. His abilities on the pitch are extraordinary, as he is capable of controlling the ball with tremendous speed and amazing crossing ability and make impressive shots of long distances. He is also tall (1.86m) which makes him particularly good in head shooting. Bale was born in Cardiff, Wales and made his first appearance in the Barclays Premier League for Southampton F.C. He was later bought by Tottenham Hotspur for £7m in 2007; since then, he has scored 42 goals for the London team. His price at the moment nears the £80m-£90m. Although many experts say that price is very high compared to the quality of players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi.
Here is it an excellent compilation of the 31 goals Bale scored in the last season (12-13) for Tottenham F.C. and the National Team of Wales.


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