What is invisible?

0Gravity, the stars in day, thoughts, the human genome, time, atoms. So much of what really matters in the world is impossible to see. A stunning animation of John Lloyd’s classic TEDTalk from 2009, which will make you question what you actually know, what and who you thing you are and what’s the purpose of the universe. Sometimes we wonder about the importance of things we cannot see and many of those times, we adjudicate the reason and existence of those things to a divine and more powerful being than us. Here’s when religion and spirituality come to stage by the need of the human being to find reason and explanations to what science is still looking for, and probably will find out, because that’s the ultimate purpose and the inherent part of our lives.


Tales of a PhD (2)

phdWelcome to this second delivery of Tales of a PhD. In part 1 we wrote some passages of what a PhD researcher has to entail during the amazing process of becoming a doctor. We know is not an easy process and we thoroughly respect all those guys who put their sweat and soul into the beautiful science profession. We really hope you enjoy this new post and if you think you have been through any of these episodes, share it with your colleagues:

1. What you think putting in practise your methods will be and how it actually is:aVOe11d_460sa

2. When someone cites your paper for the first time:

3. When you have to submit your thesis to the school evaluating panel:

4. When you read your First Year Progression Report:

5. When you have a group meeting at your supervisor’s office:

6. When you don’t know how to respond to a question from your panel in your oral examination:

7. Your supervisor’s reaction when you justify your methods:

8. When your supervisor gets a grant accepted:

9. When your article gets accepted for publishing:

10. When you say to your supervisor you did the experiments just as he said:

11. When you find a typo on your thesis 10min after been submitted:

12. When you submit your paper to a journal and gets rejected:

13. When you see a PI and a postdoc fighting between each other in a group meeting:

14. When your supervisor gives more comments on your report:

15. When you see the results from all your lab work:

16: When a colleague suggest another group meeting next week:

17. A summary of your PhD:

18. When your supervisor leaves you alone with the lab equipment:

19. When your supervisors suggests you to rewrite an entire chapter:

20. You in a group meeting just before lunch:

21. Your supervisor pointing at what is wrong in your report:

22. When you say a wrong word to your panel in your thesis defence:

23. When you win a conference poster competition (although this has never happened to you):

24. The reaction from your friends when you explain your PhD subject:

25. Your supervisor’s reaction when you explain how you’ve analysed your data: