Bruce Lee is alive!

leeThis is a stunning work of Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI), the best I’ve seen this year, trying to resurrect Bruce Lee to make a modern TV commercial and the result is simply stunning! The commercial was directed by Joseph Kahn teaming with the Art Creator agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty for Johnnie Walker Blue Label China. The company responsible for the special effects was the London’s Mill, which dramatically recreated Bruce Lee in the digital world in a nine-month work. Each pixel and every detail of the head is completely CGI.

To ensure excellent results, the film-makers invited Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, to see the images make sure everything was done to resemble exactly the martial-arts-expert actor.

We wanted to be as respectful to the man and the legend he represents ” says Joseph Kahn on Vimeo. “And it seems we have succeeded.”

Remember that in order to create a non-existent character from scratch is a huge task that cannot be done by any computer graphic’s editor, as to recreate a person based on pixels is definitely not something for everyone.


Dynamic Target Tracking Camera System

camThis camera system can track very fast moving objects, keeping them in the centre of the screen at all times. Currently under development by the Ishikawa Oku Lab. at the University of Tokyo, this latest version captures Full HD video and can be used outdoors.

“Ordinarily, to change the direction a camera faces, you move the camera mechanically. But in this system, it’s not the camera that moves, it’s the mirrors. This makes it possible to change where you’re looking really quickly. In this demonstration, we’re tracking a table tennis ball. The ball moves extremely fast, but this system can keep compensating for the ball’s motion, so the ball stays in the middle of the image.”

This device consists of two mirrors for pan and tilt, and a group of lenses. The Saccade mirrors can be controlled at high speed, on the order of milliseconds. The mirrors move independently, so this system doesn’t lose its high-speed response even if it’s connected to a large, heavy camera.

Also, by connecting a projector instead of a recording device, images can be projected onto a fast-moving object. This could also be used in AR applications, showing interactive content on moving objects.

“Using a rotating mirror is a common method, but usually, the mirror is in front of the camera, so a very large mirror is needed. But a feature of this system is, it can even capture wide-angle images with a small mirror. That’s because the system contains special optics called a pupil shift system.”

“Another important point is, this system does very fast image processing to recognize the subject. It captures and processes an image every 1/1000th of a second. In this way, it can track the subject stably and continuously, simply by feeding back the subject’s position, without particularly predicting its behaviour.”

“For example, this system can record, in great detail, the instant a player hits a home run, including how the bat bends and the ball reacts, and the ball’s subsequent path. Or in soccer, it can record things like penalty kicks in amazing detail. We think this will make it possible to shoot sports in a really compelling way.”

“Right now, we’re actually taking this outdoors to where sports are played, to check how accurately it works. We hope it will be usable for actual broadcasting in about two years.”


How much you appreciate your life?

motoThis video shows a comparative between the monetary value of using adequate protection while riding a bike versus not using any protective devices. The damage one can cause to the body by not using driving protection is incredibly big and economically speaking is almost 20600 times higher than using the right safety artefacts. Please value your life before you go out without protection, remember anything can happen on the road and no one is exempt from suffering a crash or an accident. Very good advice from my father by the way.


Morgan Freeman’s racism solution

morgan-freeman-hd-wallpaperRacism is one of the major crimes humans have developed since ignorance has taken out reason from the right course of tolerance and respect. Morgan “God” Freeman has the immediate solution to this problem, plus he gives a fantastic lesson the the interviewer whose face was hilariously ridiculous when he couldn’t find an answer to his stupid question. I invite you all to stop discriminating people for the colour of their skin, that is just retard and idiotic. Period.