Emergency landings of small airplanes

landOne of the most terrifying experiences people are afraid of, is to die in an air-plane accident. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often, in fact, flying is the safest way of transportation in the world, which means that accidents are not likely to happen at any time soon. On the other hand, it is not affective 100%, which also means that there are emergencies and accidents. Strict regulations regarding health and safety of the passengers ensure all air-crafts are constantly maintained and repaired. But in the next cases, something wrong happened and although the results are mostly happy endings, the passengers may had a terrible experience. It is worth to mention that piloting in these videos is remarkable and well executed.

1. CNN captured this emergency landing of an air-plane with a busted nose gear.

2. An emergency belly landing due to failure in landing gears.

3. Another belly landing doe to failure in landing gears, also captured by CNN,

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Incredible underwater swimming techniques

young-woman-swimming-underwaterThese guys are just incredible, they are able to hold their breathe for long periods of time and swim while doing it. This may sound easy, everybody has hold their breathe and goof around underwater, but for how long? 20 seconds? 30? 40? Well, now watch these videos and try to swim 50m or even 75m without breathing. This is a real talent, as their lungs must have an extra-ordinary capacity for accumulating oxygen and also their impressive metabolism capable to be decreased in such ways that they don’t require that much energy and therefore, they don’t burn the oxygen they store in their lungs. These people are better known as “Human Dolphins” and my God they deserve that nickname. OMG!

1. First the one doing 50m (look at line 2)

2. And this guy who did 75m


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Top 20 lies on Facebook

facebook_glasses_2-660x523A study of 2,000 people found the average Facebook user carefully composes their profile – falsely painting a picture of an exciting social life, sophisticated tastes and glamorous photos. But 80 per cent confessed they have doctored photographs, linked to articles to appear intelligent, or tagged themselves at locations they’ve never visited. Fake relationship statuses, misleading profile pictures and fabricated status updates were other common cheats in the list of lies lurking behind the average online profile. The research, which was commissioned by domain specialists Siteopia.com, found a large percentage feel ‘relentless pressure’ to give off the impression they lead more exciting lives than the reality.
Here’s a list of the top 20 lies that occur the most on Facebook.

20.  Create a fake photo album
19.  Pose for a photo next to a car/house/motorbike that wasn’t yours
18.  Edit things you like to have more in common with someone you like
17.  Edit books/movies/music to look a bit cooler
16.  Made your education look better than it is
15.  Tag yourself or check in to a location you weren’t at
14.  Exaggerate qualifications
13.  Dress up/ exaggerate job role
12.  Make up a status or tweet because you want attention
11.  Sent a friend request to someone just because they were attractive
10.  Had a relationship status that’s wrong i.e. in a relationship when actually single
9.    Write a status exaggerating how ‘fun’ a party or social event was
8.    Use a profile picture of someone that wasn’t me
7.    Write a status or tweet which is a lie
6.    Message someone on Facebook you’ve never met
5.    Edit a picture to make yourself look more attractive
4.    ‘Like’ something to appear intellectual
3.    Read articles on newspaper app to appear clever
2.    Remove ‘ugly’ photos
1.    Use an old photo as a profile picture to look more attractive

Have you ever made one of these? Don’t lie to yourself… 

The making of “Bohemian Rhapsody” explained by Brian May

mayIn this fascinating video, Queen guitarist Brian May goes back to the mixing board to explain the complexity of layers that went into realizing Mercury’s vision for the song. The original 24-track analogue recording system was far too limited, so the band used the ping-pong technique to “bounce” literally hundreds of overdubs into the mix. May explains how the operatic vocal layers were inspired by the “cascading strings” effect made famous by Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, a technique May first tried out in 1974 with the guitar solo on “Killer Queen.” The video is an excerpt from Inside the Rhapsody, a documentary that was included on the 2002 DVD Queen: Greatest Video Hits 1.
“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen is one of the most audacious pop songs ever made. Part ballad, part opera, part heavy metal orgasm, the song has six distinct sections and took over a month to record.  At just under six minutes, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was considered too long for pop radio. “The record company, in their infinite ignorance, of course immediately suggested that we cut it down,” said Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who stood by his band-mates and refused to let the song be cut. “It really was hit or miss. It was either going to be massive or it was going to be nothing.” This mesmerising video shows the process in which Queen made this unbelievable song.


Incredible face punch KO in slow motion

boxDaniel Jacobs took on Giovanni Lorenzo on the début card for FOX Sports 1′s Monday Night Fights. Jacobs knocked out Lorenzo in the third round with a brutal combination that resulted in one of the most beautiful slow-motion punch faces you will ever see. Lorenzo gets hit on one side of the head, looks the other way just in time to see another punch coming and then hits the canvas face-first. The video is just incredible and painful at the same time. Damn!


Fails in Day Z (videogame)

previewDay Z is a multi-award winning PC video game that attempts to portray a realistic scenario within the gameplay, with the environment having different effects on the player. A character may receive bone fractures from damage to their legs, go into shock from unexpected ambushes, receive infections from zombies or diseased players, or even faint due to low blood pressure. Thirst and hunger must be kept under control by finding sustenance in either cities or the wilderness, with body temperature playing a key part in the character’s survival. The game focuses on surviving and the human elements of a zombie apocalypse by forcing the player to acknowledge basic human needs like thirst, hunger and shelter. These mechanics require the player to focus on immediate goals before they can consider long-term strategies. In this video, there’s a short but extremely funny compilation of the fail moments that occurred to some online players.